Video: Ordering – Part I of #FutureCentralAsia

From left to right: David Montgomery, Julie McBrien, Judith Beyer, Mateusz Laszczkowksi, Tim Epkenhans, Madeleine Reeves

In this panel, the three discussants, Madeleine Reeves (Manchester / Konstanz), Tim Epkenhans (Freiburg) and Timothy Nunan (Berlin) are discussing the following three books:

Judith Beyer. 2016. The force of custom. Law and the ordering of everyday life in Kyrgyzstan. University of Pittsburgh Press

Botakoz Kassymbekova. 2016. Despite cultures. Early Soviet rule in Tajikistan. University of Pittsburgh Press

Christian Teichmann. 2016. Macht der Unordnung. Stalins Herrschaft in Zentralasien 1920-1950. Hamburger Edition

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