Call for Guest Editors / Thematic Threads

Photo (cropped) by Ian Hayhurst (flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The year 2017 is set to be a year where critical new insights are needed at all fronts. And Allegra Lab needs you! We are calling for proposals for thematic threads to animate discussions on all things anthropological now. Recent thematic threads included #ageing, the #UniversityCrisis, #remoteness, #evidence, and anthropology and #Brexit.

Be creative and be fearless.

We are open to inventive and experimental suggestions that will advance conceptual discussions and/or illuminate contemporary social dynamics from a fresh empirical angle, in the form of essays or reflexive fieldnotes.

Please submit a 500-word abstract for the overarching theme, together with a (draft) outline of the individual contributions (title/author) to We extended the deadline – send us your proposal by 15 MARCH 2017.

Guest editors will, after agreeing on a deadline with the Allegra team, be responsible for the selection and timely submission of the contributions to their thematic stream — usually 4-6 pieces of about 2,000—2,500 words for a one-week thread — as well as the introduction to the thread, a piece that connects the individual essays.

We look forward to reading you!


Featured image (cropped) by Ian Hayhurst (flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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