Video: Nation – Part II of #FutureCentralAsia

Julie Billaud (left), Aksana Ismailbekova

In this panel, the three discussants, Jeanne Feaux de la Croix, Mateusz Laszczkowski, and Julie McBrien are discussing the following three books:

Tim Epkenhans. 2016. The origins of the civil war in Tajikistan. Nationalism, islamism, and violent conflict in post-soviet states. Lexington Books

Adeeb Khalid. 2015. Making Uzbekistan: nation, empire and revolution in the early USSR. Cornell University Press

Timothy Nunan. 2016. Humanitarian invasion: Global development in cold war Afghanistan. Cambridge University Press.


From left to right: Aksana Ismailbekova, Jeanne Feaux de la Croix, Mateusz Laszczkowksi, Julie McBrien, Judith Beyer

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