GONE FISHING! #holiday

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

After a week full of #reviews and a wonderful sound file recorded by our Allie Judith Beyer we felt that creative spirits were in need of some rejuvenation, and thus went for a bit of fishing (either virtual or real, which ever mental image pleases you more)! We’ll be back in action sooner than you realise, or likely sooner than we realise – after all, how could we live without Allegra, even for a moment! Yet, if you miss us, why not re-visit some of the fab stuff of past weeks & months: the thematic week on #slow academia, or our collection of anthropological views on #brexit – or just the good-ol’ Academic Slow Food Manifesto!

And better yet: go fishing yourself! We have no doubt that you have again been working very hard, and deserve a few guilt-free moments of ‘not-doing-much’, or even better still, NOTHING!

ENJOY – as shall we! And see you very soon again! CHEERIO!

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