Chiatura, my pride

Today Allegra TV features a film that is the first in a series of five ethnographic films produced by Ian Cook , Stephanie Endter, Anna Dziapshipa and Mikheil Svanidze in 2011, during a workshop in Georgia co-organised by Plotki and Sakdoc.

Here is what the filmmakers Stephanie Endter, Max Kuzmenko, Lisa Müller, Ulrike Penk and Kajetan Tadrowsk say about their film:

“Chiatura was once one of the most prosperous industrial cities in Georgia, boasting rich resources of manganese. Due its location in a steep valley surrounded by high mountains, Chiatura installed a system of cable cars to transport workers to and from the mines, as well as manganese from the mines to the factories. With deindustrialisation the manganese industry shrank and Chiatura’s population halved, but many of the cable cars still run, establishing a net between the city and its people. Chiatura, my Pride explores how this extraordinary transport system gives character to the city forty years after its installation.”

We will be featuring the rest of the films on Allegra TV in the near future, so stay tuned!

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