What do anthropologists have to say about #Economics?

If, like us at Allie, you feel lost in translation when it comes to #economics, this thematic week is just for you! Not that we will give you a toolbox to decipher the complex world of economic flows, this would be too much of a challenge in 4 posts! Rather, we will walk you in in the work of anthros who have magically managed to make economics a fun field of study.



We’ll start with a post by Fiona Murphy on sustainable consumption, in which she explores ‘how the application of anthropological understandings of sustainability might make an important difference in a world where ecological degradation is now one of our more urgent concerns’.



We’ll continue with a post by Lorenzo D’Angelo on the environmentatal implications of the mining industry and the contribution of anthropology in ‘enriching a critical understanding of the current ecological and economic crises.’


On Thursday, do not miss our curated list of recent publications on economic anthropology, for which reviewers are WANTED! Write Allie’s review editor Judith Beyer to get a copy of the book(s) that interest(s) you!



We’ll finish the week with an interview of the author of the by now classic Debt: The First 5000 years, David Graeber!


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