New journal: Public Anthropologist

Dear Allies, we are happy to share with you the news about the launch of the new journal Public Anthropologist.

Founded by our ally Antonio De Lauri and published by Brill, the journal aims at creating a hybrid, critical space between the ponderous nature of traditional academic journals and the immediacy of blogs, newspapers, and experts’ accounts. It inquiries critical issues of our time in a way that both encourages and scrutinizes a diverse range of shifts outwards from the purely academic realm towards wider publics and counterpublics engaged in cultural and political exchanges, and collective collaborations for change. This implicitly interrogates the implications and expectations of anthropology’s public presence.

Public anthropologist directly aims at facing conditions of violence, inequality and injustice, and exploring ways anthropology might impact processes of public awareness and political change. It is interested in the area in which newspapers, television, political actors, new media, activists, experts and academics continually mobilise positions that support or challenge dominant narratives.

Visit also Public Anthropologist‘s blog here and follow the debate on Academic Politics of Silencing.

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