CFP: Ethnographic Film Festival: Filming Labour and Precarity

Event Date: July 1, 2017

Ethnographic Film Festival: Filming Labour and Precarity

End of November 2017, Athens, Greece

Since its very beginning, the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival has aimed at making the Festival accessible to wider audiences and promoting the educational and reflexive dimension of ethnographic cinema on social and political consideration. Thus, in 2014 the Festival introduced a themed section, which focuses on a different topic every year. This year’s tribute emphasizes on the various filmic approaches of work, labour and precarity and will be curated by anthropologists Dimitra Kofti (Max Planck Institute) and Mao Mollona  (Goldsmiths College).

This year’s session is dedicated to films on labour, in an era of deepening precarity and deregulation of work. We invite film projects on work, labour, unemployment and scarcity of labour, unpaid labour, affective labour, inclusion and exclusion through work, migration and work, bondage labour, the experience of applying for jobs,  the intertwinement of work with gender, ethnic and age inequality, all issues of great concern and debate today. [more]

Deadline for submission of film proposals: 1 July 2017