CFP: Conference/InterCongress: Mo(u)vement CASCA/IUAES2017

Event Date: December 19, 2016

Conference/InterCongress: Mo(u)vement CASCA/IUAES2017

2-7 May 2017, Ottawa, Canada

Movement – as diverse knowledges, practices and problematizations – has once again become a focal point of public discussion and scholarly intervention.  As such, ‘ancient’ ontologies that focused more on movement than on stasis and of which sight has been lost through the colonial encounter, are now reappearing as particularly meaningful, and transformative of the discipline. A longstanding concern of anthropologists, movement has most prominently been discussed through the rubric of mobility, and its attendant terminologies of flows and scapes, flexibilities and foreclosures, disjunctures and “frictions.” The notion of movement resonates in studies of political, ecological, religious and economic life as well as of kinship, gender and embodiment. In so doing it highlights the promiscuous nature of the analytical space opened by the processes of life forms, things and ideas enmeshing through relationships in space and time. [more]

Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 19 December 2016