Deadline MASH-UP

It has been three weeks since we re-launched our beloved website – and we are overjoyed by the ample positive feedback that the new design has inspired (thanks SM, among others!)! It feels safe to say that with this re-launch we have not only entered an entirely new era for Allegra, but for anthropological blogging more generally.

We are also very pleased to have TONS of goodies already in store for you, and remind you once again: we are always open to your bizarre and wacky ideas! So do let us know if you want to write for us – if you have a book coming out – or if you are arranging an event that we absolutely should feature!

Wonderfully, this invitation is also just a tad more heartfelt with our new website: without going into (boring) technical details, managing the website is now considerably easier than before – even if significant labour still takes place behind the scenes. Thus we want recognise, once again, that none of what we are able to present to you via the website would be possible without the wonderfully skilled and dedicated team of Allies working together on this endeavour. Thanks all – both our dear editorial team, regular contributors and our ‘ED ASS TEAM’!

It is to this hard work that we dedicate also today’s post, which simultaneously takes advantage of a fun new feature of our re-design: our Jukebox!

The idea of the Jukebox is to feature interesting talks by interesting people – but also to share on occasion something else. Today is the turn of ‘something else’ as we present to you Allie’s DEADLINE MASH-UP!

What’s the rap on this one? Well, as all scholars know, every once in a while, no matter how carefully one plans and prepares in advance, when chasing deadlines of diverse kinds there arises the necessity to pull ‘an all-nighter’ – or at least a very late / early shift. These bizarres solitary hours may at their best capture the very ‘essence’ of scholarly pursuits; the luxury of being alone with one’s thoughts, maybe even discovering brilliant insights that escape the light of day…

Yet, there is no denying that these shifts are also exhausting. But worry not – Allie is here for you in these moments too! What we present to you with the below playlist is a very carefully calibrated ‘mix-tape’ of the best deadline tunes that we have encountered via our own graveyard shifts; a perfect combination of trans-inducing electro beat with the occasional playful live instrument to jerk one back to reality. Curiously, many of these tunes are from the (chemically charged) moods of the late-90s. What can we say – seems that Allies had a lot of deadlines back then, and why change a mash-up that experience has been proven perfect!

This list is especially designed for the god-awful shift of 10pm – 2am, and it is guaranteed to carry you through all those moments when you find yourself doubting your choice of profession, and possibly your sanity!

We hope that you ENJOY this list when facing your next deadline (and just as a hint: the list is MUCH more enjoyable when commercial free – yet to get that requires a certain upgrade, one that we do not want to push as it comes with a monthly fee by the playlist’s provider…).

However, beware: no late-night shift is complete without the perfect deadline SNACK LIST – we promise to provide you with our preferred menu soon!




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